Tuesday, 24 February 2015

No Internet during CNY

Chinese New Year, I went back to hometown, it's my mom's hometown, Bahau, at a little corner of Negeri Sembilan. Bahau is not bored, for me, as long as I can online, it will always okay for me. However, my grandparents' house is in a super good 风水 location, which is a lesser radioactive location, because the network cannot reach the house. So, I did not have Wifi nor data plan in that house, not even call anyone unless I walk out from the house.

I realize that we really cannot survive without internet. Internet is something like the second air in my world. We won't move to other place because of water ration, but we wish to move to another place due to the hunger of internet.

This is good chance for everyone to chitchat with each other, or watch tv together and have the same topic after that. (Although I don't see much chitchat without internet)

From this photo, in this era, 2015, you still see no one is playing with their phone here (Except me, because I used my phone to capture this photo). Power of the internet. But I really don't see they chat more although there's no internet. They just look... boring...

So this is the updated version of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs:

Sunday, 1 February 2015



刚刚看到这个,有所感触。以前我真的什么都写出来,看回去,东西都还蛮 detail 的!


现在很多 social media 可以代替这个了,例如 Instagram。当然,Instagram 没有日期,没有 details 没有很多照片,没有故事。通过 Instagram,大家都是看图说故事。

我的 Instagram 是 link 去 Facebook 的,很多东西家人都会看到,所以也有很多东西不可以乱 post 了。我知道可以 restrict,但是 restrict 的话,就干脆不 post 好了~ *当然有一些还是会去 restrict*

跟以前不一样的是,我不会想要那么多 attention 了。想分享的,想批评的,想问的,想说的,只会在特定的 messenger chat 里面分享。我要的回应,就只是来自他们就够了,而不是大众了。


Monday, 17 November 2014

Forgive and Forget, which one is harder?

When a couple argue, one will forgive one, else they will break up.

Sometime they are forced to forgive, else they have to break up.

You know it, if you don't forgive him/her, the one who actually did wrong will blame and point back to you that you are small gas and not tolerate enough.. mm ok.

Sometime you even have to act that you have forgot about the incident.

Forgive someone is easy, but to forget what he did is hard.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Working as a MA

I completed my Bachelor Degree and graduated on July 2013 in Portsmouth, UK, and started my working life on 11/11/2013 in KL. So.. Yes, today, I consider I have one year of working experience now. Hmm.. maybe it has nothing special for you..

When I was told by my director that I may need to travel to oversea such as Taiwan, Singapore, ... with this position, I felt excited and replied him yes, I am willing to travel around. I cannot say that I was cheated because he was saying "maybe"... End up, my position, Management Associates (MA) is required to go to Manila, Philippines for a year to complete the MA program. 

A kind of disappointment and fear occurred when I was asked to go Philippines, which is a country that sounds a bit fall behind. Fortunately, I can come back to Malaysia once in a month from Manila within the year. I'm not worry anything on this matter yet, and hope there's nothing to be worried. By the way, MA is a 2 years of trainee program in my company. I believe there're many companies outside have this kind of program as well, saying they will train you be a manager in next 2 or 3 years bla bla bla...

I always receive a question from people. Why can I graduated so fast? I studied my Diploma in TARC required two years, and I should continue Advance Diploma after that which is required another two years. However, I did not continue Advance Dip after my Diploma, but I went to UK for the third year Degree which required only one year. I thought of continue a Master program, but I'm just too lazy to continue and I understand that I'm not a good study-type person. 

I am going to start my working life on traveling back and forth between Manila and KL, I hope everything goes well when working over there. It's one of the journey in my life. Good Luck!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

When will you giving up on something?

After reading this quote, what’s the first inception go into your mind?

For me, the first time, second time and even the third time I read this quote, I believe it is asking me to not giving up on the thing that I have hold on so long.

What if, I like the guy, treating him good all the time, do my best to let him fall for me, not giving up on waiting him to fall for me? But end up, he has a girlfriend now. Should I give up?

What if, I am kind of feeling annoying on someone’s attitude, and I tried to let him/her know about their problems, and they choose to remain their bad attitude? Should I give up on advising them?

Not to say about studies, career, because it may be easier because it is a personal stuff, you just have to spend more time on it. But, saying those which involving the other persons, maybe your friends, or family.

When you meet something that is uncontrollable, will you give up?

Read this quote again, think of the reason why you held on so long, it doesn’t mean to encourage you not to give up, but I believe it is asking me to rethink again about the reason. Is the reason worth to let me continue hold on for so long? Did I actually miss out some other better choice?

Rethink, whether it is worth for you to continue holding it.

If you think that’s not worth to continue, then, please be brave to give up, after making a decision.

Since you can persist on holding it so long, you can also give up when you think you need to.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

My Best Friends

I have 2 best friends; they have been accompanying me for years.

We are best friends, but there is something that I am scared to tell them. Not much, but there are some. Reason is not afraid of one day they will tell the secret to others, but scare scolded. Yes, best friends, they will scold me, because we are best friends. 

And I just want to share some short stories of us here…

Yoyo, I knew her since 8 years old, both of us wrote each other’s name in friends' 个人资料 books at 8 and 9 years old. But, actually we can't remember how good we were at 8 and 9 years old. In our impression, we started become very good when we were 10 years old. It was because of I got punished by teacher of not listening to class, teacher asked me to move my seat, sitting beside teacher's table. Ya, this is me. And this caused her to come to my table often, so that she can read from the whiteboard easily, as it is nearer compared to her seat.

Carol? Yoyo and I hate her sooo much when we were 12 years old! Because she was teacher’s daughter and she was the monitor of the class. But 3 of us cannot remember why, Carol did asked Yoyo and I to help her to pass love letters to a guy from other class. Maybe we are fake enough and act like didn’t hate her? Possible~ Yoyo and I were bad enough, we always curi read those letters before pass to that guy. XD *I can’t stop laughing when I’m typing this!* One day Carol 抄名 and wrote my name in the whiteboard, I told her that she spelt it wrongly, it is “Suang” instead of “Shuang”, wow she was so persist to tell me she is right! I really felt like want to slap her at the moment!! Tan Carol, I will remember this forever and ever anddd ever.. After that there is a longggg journey for us to become good.. best friends. Long story, and I’m not gonna continue it here.